I cannot tell you how much I dislike this image.

She’s sitting in a gold wheelchair, vacant eyes staring into nothing. Masking nothing. Saying nothing. Is it a metaphor for her crippled development or a simple cry for help?

Without a doubt I love art that is challenging but this image is patronizing, not just to people who are less able bodied but to women everywhere.

If I felt for one tiny second that this girl, who is just 18, was a creative, imaginative and passionate art lover, who was looking to push boundaries or make a statement, I think I could stomach it more. But it’s cynical and it’s attention grabbing.

This blow up doll culture needs to be put back in its box.

Get out of your gilded chair Kylie. Go to college, learn about the world, read books and fill your mind with information that nourishes. Spread your wings. Open your eyes.

Do better.



It’s really good to have a talent.

selfieJust sayin’.

Spinny out.