The Truth is In There.

12512712_10100958058769479_4725489039813674764_nThe X Files is back! *waves arms manically like Kermit*

A friend of mine posted this photo of two tip jars in Hollywood. One is labelled Mulder (David Duchovny) and the other, Scully (Gillian Anderson). The customer has to decide which character to tip.

It’s a cute idea, that’s for sure.

But what struck me most (and excuse me if I sound like I’ve been binge-watching feministfrequency – because I have) was the immediate gender dividing trope of love hearts floating gaily around Scully’s head.

Because she’s just the love interest right?


I get it. She’s gorgeous but Scully is so much more than ‘the girl’ in this TV show.

The mystery is why we keep assigning these ‘supporting roles’ to women. Time to dig a little deeper people.

I know where my dollar’s going.

Spinny out.