What’s your spin?

Today’s question: Are you friends with any of your ex’s?

I just don’t see how it works. (Or maybe I picked guys who were such losers there’d be no point in having them as friends?).

As far as I can tell, it benefits no-one.

You can’t move on and they continue to irritate you.

Every time I looked at my most recent ex, or had any communication with him via text or email, all I felt was anger, sadness and resentment, at the way he let me down.

So I cut him off.

But what about you?

Spinny out


2 Comments on “What’s your spin?”

  1. It’s still illegal in most places to kill them, Spinny. So we must endure.

  2. […] that you can look back fondly on those almost two decades with some kind of contentment and […]

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