The Queen of Wrong Decisions


Moved house again today.

Seems to me, if you don’t ‘settle down’ (ie, get married, have kids) you never actually ‘settle’. Therefore, it’s left me feeling very unsettled.

Excitement comes with adventure and really, that comes with youth.

People keep asking me, “Are you excited to move?”.

No, I’m not. It’s just another move. Really what they should be asking is, “Are you sure this is the right move?”

To which my answer would be, “How the hell do I know?”

My track record shows that I am The Queen of Wrong Decisions. This might just be another one.

*little voice deep inside*

“Or it could be the exactly the Right One.”

Only time will tell.

Now where the hell did I pack the bottle opener (and other cliches).

Spinny out.


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