Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Wrinkles.

“Fight the signs of ageing” says the ad for Nivea.turtle


Why do we have to fight?

Don’t you think that as we get older, we should fight less and embrace what we know we can’t change, more? Your teens and Twenties are all about fighting. Fighting for independence, fighting for love, for money, for respect.

Surely by the time we hit our Forties and Fifties, we’ve earned the right to calm down and enjoy the world around us?

I don’t want to spend the remainder of my life trying to eradicate the signs that I’ve lived a life.

(Or in the case of Megan Fox, eradicating a life before it’s lived).

Which begs the question, why is so much money spent fighting to erase a woman’s struggle?

So that we can be plastic little dolls who exist only as projections of perfection. And who’s that for? Not for women, that’s for sure.

When you go to extremes to fight the signs of ageing, actually you’re giving in.

You’re surrendering your gender, your happiness and your self-respect.

You’re a hero in a half-empty shell.

Good luck with that.

Spinny out.






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