Never mind the botox, read the small print

Kidman-jpgLinda Kelsey, who used to edit UK Cosmopolitan, is now 62, and says that her friends give her hell because she refuses to have Botox.


Your friends are giving you hell?

When the people in your life who are supposed to support you are giving you a hard time over not injecting your head with botulism, you need to find new friends.

And who are they trying to impress anyway? Their unfit, pot-bellied, balding 62-year-old men?

If only you could inject people with common sense.

Our triumphs are hard won, and our tragedies are suffered.

Both should be worn on our faces with pride.

After a certain age, our faces scream: “I’M STILL HERE.” And that’s a good thing.

You want to know me? Never mind the Botox, read the small print.

Spinny out.







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