To Bey, or Not To Bey?

I just love this dramatic version of Beyonce’s Single Ladies, from actress Nina Millin.

It’s from her series of shorts called “Beyoncelogues”, which includes Mine, Irreplaceable and If I Were A Boy, where she dramatizes the lyrics to Beyonce’s songs straight to camera. It’s weirdly compelling. Take a look at Irreplaceable next.

Spinny out.





There was a young man called Tom…

Poetry-books-1024x612I read that Oscar-winner Sir Tom Stoppard, who is 77, married banking heiress Sabrina Guiness, who is 59, recently and up until that point, she had never married.

Apparently, at dinner the night before their wedding, a guest (although clearly not much of a friend), made a rather rude dig during a speech about Sabrina’s long-life as a spinster. Pfft.

Mr Stoppard punched back with this rather fabulous line.

He said, “I  wished I’d found Sabrina earlier, but I was looking on the wrong shelf — under biography rather than poetry.”

Well played that the groom!

I bet Sabrina’s glad she waited so long.

Spinny out.

PS: Mr Stoppard wrote Shakespeare In Love so his eloquence is Bard-ass.