Sex & The Single Room Supplement

lady traveller Today is Tax Day in the States.

Singles everywhere will be thwacked over the head with another giant bill to pay, while they wonder how the hell they’re going to afford buying their friend’s wedding gift this summer (or baby shower/engagement/bachelorette gift), or the outfit for the wedding, plus travel expenses to get to the wedding and worse, the Single Room Supplement they will no doubt be charged for staying at the wedding hotel.

Being single should cost you less but the reality is that we pay over the odds for everything. Surely in an age where gay couples can marry, strangers can carry babies for women who can’t, and having multiple wives is still legal in certain parts of the world, being a brave, lone warrior in a dirty, cruel world should be embraced and celebrated. (Too much?)

But nothing is more heinous than the ‘Single Room Supplement’.  Apart from the fact that it neatly sums up every negative attitude society has towards singles, it is merely an evil, out-moded form of branding.

The only other thing that comes close are the many official forms, where you are forced to fill in your so-called “marital” status.

This is 2013 not 1813. I don’t have a dowry. My father isn’t ‘giving me away’, and I don’t require a chaperone (only when I need to visit CVS on Sunset after midnight). What should my ‘marital’ status matter to anyone?

The argument for them is thus (are you ready to be irritated?): Holidays are priced per person based on two people sharing a twin or double room. When a single (gasp!) person books, tour operators levy an extra charge, because, they say, they are simply passing on the extra cost charged by hotels for single occupancy of a double room, or because a single room is more than half the price of a double.

Whatever, moron.

I asked my mum what she thought about ‘Single Room Supplements’ as she travelled extensively after separating from my dad. She said, “I think they’re wrong. Single people take up less room.”

I understand what she was saying (and from her POV, she’s a petite lady) but the reality is that there are more lone travellers than ever, and although it may not seem that way, apparently we have more money to spend (note to self: check bank balance as must be some mistake last time I looked), and are willing to spend it on seeing the world.

Yes, like a good yeasty dough, we are on the rise.

And it’s not just the vile Single Room Supplement that targets our demo. If you’re able to work and have no kids, you get no tax breaks. Churn out a few kids, get a crappy husband and hey presto – you’re entitled to the respect of the western world and money off your tax bill.

Gimme a break. No really, gimme a tax break. And give it to me now, Sheldon.

The next time I book a hotel room for one, I want the general manager to roll out the red carpet for me. I want champagne on ice in my room. I want chocolates on my pillow. I want a Billy Wilder box set on the shelf. And want a room with a view of the ocean. Don’t you stick me over the parking lot because I’m single. Don’t make me face the Chinese restaurant, the brick wall or the water tank belonging to the office building next door.

Because you know what, you’re lucky to have me. I’m very particular about who I share my life with.

Spinny out.

This post was written as part of the #UnmarriedEquality and #SinglesBlogfest along with dozens of other bloggers who are posting about the same topic today. Tax Day was was chosen as a symbolic reminder that income taxes are one of the many ways singles don’t get the same benefits as marrieds. Thank you to @spinsterlicious for inviting me to join in the discussion. 

A more detailed report on  the economic burdens assumed by single people was recently published in The Atlantic.


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