Old legs, new attitude

Madonna is preparing for another world tour.

Whatever you think of her music, you surely have to agree the she works hard and keeps in shape.

She’s a self-made woman. From ‘nowhere Michigan’ to a billion dollar powerhouse.

So she’s clever too.


So why then do idiots like the Daily Mail ‘newspaper’ write this caption under a photograph of her rehearsing in Israel:

“Taking a breather: She was surely glad of a break so she could rest her old legs.”


Sloppy journalism and insulting to boot.

Those old legs should kick whoever wrote that patronizing nonsense to ‘nowhere Michigan’ and back again.

Spinny out.


You know you’re a true Hollywood Spinster when…

…you leave Hollywood thinking it’s for good, only to return two months later. Better the devil you know, my friends, better the devil you know. #shesback