Okay Stupid

I’ve dipped my toe into the world of online dating.

Thought it was worth a shot seeing as I haven’t been on a date for so long, but it’s not an easy fit.

I’ve tried it before and had some notable disasters: the guy who claimed he was a music exec but actually worked in a record shop springs to mind. He didn’t take his hands out of his pockets for the entire two hours we spent together at a nasty pub in North London.

My profile hasn’t been up long but I’m already resisting the urge to deactivate the account as I told myself I would do this with an open mind.

So far, out of a dozen emails, only one was written in proper English. In fact, it was a rather eloquent email from a guy who, funnily enough, works in the music industry. He emailed at 3am and professed his love of enjoying adventures in the city under the cover of night.

I like to sleep at night, so we’re not a good match – but I was grateful to get an email that actually made sense.

Another guy has emailed maybe six or more times, getting steadily more angry with me for not replying. The second which said, ‘So, do you want to go out then?’ came just ten minutes after his first.

There’s a lot of bald guys too. And while I’m determined not write anyone off on appearance, I am partial to a man with hair. Bald guys, I’ve noticed, like to post profile pictures of themselves in the gym. “I may not have any hair but I’m fit, healthy and virile!” But never say never.

I also don’t like dogs. Let me put this in context: I will get to know my friend’s dogs and some of them I even like, but I don’t want to be around dogs all the time. So guys with dogs, of which there are many, are a bit of a no-no.

I’m not sure how long I’m going to last at this. When I tweeted I was online dating I had a few emails from people telling me how they’d met their spouse online. I’m not saying it’s impossible but it actually seems well, almost impossible.

At this rate, if I manage to meet a guy with a full head of hair for coffee during daylight hours, and he keeps his hands out of his pockets, I’ll consider that a small victory.

Spinny out


5 Comments on “Okay Stupid”

  1. Too bad about the dogs. The best guys have dogs. Also it shows they’re willing to put in the work to take care of a living thing, which is a big plus. (Dogs take a lot more work than cats.)

    Good luck. Dating can be exhausting.

    • I’ve been attacked three times by dogs whose owners proclaimed ‘he’s usually lovely’ and ‘she was just being friendly’ etc. I saw my best friend at school virtually have his arm ripped off by an Afghan hound on the beach, so I don’t feel comfortable around them with good reason. And I really don’t think having dog makes you a better/nicer/more compassionate person. It just makes you a dog person 🙂

  2. II understand. But, it’s not the dog’s fault. It’s the owner’s. I get attacked walking my dog at least once a week. Dogs need to be trained if they have issues. Moreover, these issues are caused mainly by lack of exercise and the owner’s mistakes in not understanding the dog. A lot of people adopt but they’re not willing to put in the work to socialize the dog and fix his issues. And because of this the dogs become liabilities. It’s sad.

    And I didn’t say it makes you a better/nicer/more compassionate person. I just said it demonstrates willingness to take care of another living thing other than yourself.

    Hope the online dating works out well for you.

  3. Sandy says:

    Hullo Spinny – your ex Spinny friend here from downtown Kilburn just reminding
    you how I met my man ……. online…….. and I dismissed him IMMED as he has….. no
    hair – to speak of anyway! I met him anyway cos he was soooo funny – in print and on
    the phone…… and guess what – in personage also! I took one look at him, with no hair,
    and at least a stone lighter than me ….. and thought …..hey – well, he might have FRIENDS
    etc etc……. and that was 9 yrs ago and we are still tog! Oh – and he wasn’t – and still isn’t –
    my type!

    Your type is NOT your type – ect ect…… there IS hope!

    We know he’s not purrrrfect – but hey – who is – apart fm me and thee – obviously!

    Will E thee current updates soon – loverly day in London town – wow – almost like
    Californ eye A!

    XXXXXX you know who!

    • Bald guys here all look like my ex – see, I did date a baldy! Here it’s weird though – they all have goatees or beards to compensate, or they’re military so they have some hair on top and shaved sides. If they looked like Moby it might be ok.

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