Try less, achieve more

My mantra for this year is to try less and enjoy myself more.

I worked my butt off last year and achieved very little for my trouble.

So I’m taking my foot off the accelerator.

I’m going to concentrate on finding balance, enjoying my friends and fitting into my Stage One Jeans (I’m back in Stage Two’s goddamnit).

I’ve heard so many stories recently about things falling into people’s laps that the thought of working myself into the ground, to basically get nowhere, makes me sick.

My trouble is that I’ve always been too eager to please but I’m not sure it’s got me anywhere in life.

I’m also a perfectionist, and was until very recently, incredibly ambitious.

That means I’ve basically spent my life fighting.

But last year finished me off. I lost a LOT last year. I was exhausted, so I’m finding a different way.

And I’m also fed up of being by myself all the time. I’m not dead yet.

I tweeted something along those lines recently and @dizzydentgirl said that she didn’t need a man, she had her Chanel coat.

I get it. Pretty things are nice. But so’s being loved and looked after.

This blog is called Hollywood Spinster but I don’t want to look forward to 40 more years of not having any romance in my life

I want to life a full life. And that includes all that good (and bad) stuff that comes with relationships.

So I’ve reframed my attitude. Since mid December I’ve been working on changing my attitude to me, and what I want from life.

I now don’t think I’m a failure. And thanks to my trip to London, I realise I’m still quite attractive.

Because of that, I also now don’t give two hoots about the Oscar or Hollywood mansion.

I want to be able to pay the bills and eat some nice dinners. That’s it folks. That’s all. And that’s enough.

There’s no way my twenty-year-younger self would accept this new me but I don’t care.

I’m trying less. I’m enjoying myself more.

And so far, it’s working out pretty damn well.

Spinny out


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