Fashion hates women

The biggest thing in women’s fashion these days is male model Andrej Pejic.

He’s getting more work than La Moss.

I guess that this is because the fashion industry really hates women. And now, they’re not afraid to show it.

Why use a woman with all her lovely lady bits when you can advertise your fancy swimsuit by hanging it on the hip-less, angle-poise frame of a slender man?

Makes perfect sense in one respect – hey, I’m writing about it – but I don’t understand why the fashion industry insists on pretending they’re doing it for us.

Because they’re not.

Look, he’s a very pretty man. (Almost as pretty as David Sylvian, who would no doubt be strutting around in McQueen if he was in his youth today) But he’s a man.

He has the body of man, an Adam’s apple and well, he’s a man.

The fashion industry makes a very loud song and dance about using plus size models (though have you noticed that when one of their token ‘fatties’ gets press, they instantly lose weight? *coughs Crystal Wren Sophie Dahl coughs*

But that’s lip service isn’t it. They hate hourglass figures, breasts, hips and arses.

Hate is a strong word but how do you explain their constant abuse of the female form?

And don’t tell me that it’s ‘art’.  It’s not. It’s insulting.

I find it sickening.

Though not enough that I might throw up my lunch.

Spinny out.


2 Comments on “Fashion hates women”

  1. It is sickening. But also, he does look like a dude. It so obvious. No sane woman will respond favorably to this type of advertisement. I think it’s more of a trying to accept transgender people, but this is definitely not the right way to go about it.

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