Sniff my stick?

A girl friend just told me an interesting, yet quite revolting, story about her trip to the gynae today…

She’s sitting with me now and says she ‘feels violated and needs alcohol’.

Apparently, the female doctor got her to strip naked before exploring her vaginally with her fingers, then a speculum, before grabbing one of those swab sticks, which she then shoved up her lady bits.

She had a good old rummage, pulled the swab out and then, like it was a fine wine, inhaled its aroma. If I can call it that.

For about a minute.

Which I think is probably a minute too long.

She was thoughtful and precise, before announcing ‘it’s all completely normal, clean and fresh!’

She then gestured to my friend, ‘Do you want to smell this?’ She declined.

I don’t know about you but I’ve just regurgitated my lunch.

Has this ever happened to you?

Do share.

My friend was horrified and quite understandably turned down the complimentary rectal exam. Her previous doctor told her that she ‘probably has cancer because the British health system is archaic’.

She’s not having a good week.

Spinny out.



2 Comments on “Sniff my stick?”

  1. This is very disturbing. What nationality was the doctor? Maybe it’s a cultural thing.

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