In my secret Dujardin: le first photo

In the run up to the Oscars this month, may I humbly present this joyfully frivolous collection of swoon-inducing photos of the most handsome man on the planet (so far, this year, subject to change, don’t laugh): Jean Dujardin.

France, le Spinster du Hollywood also thanks you for the entire region of Languedoc, the 19th arondissement in Paris, the Resistance, croque madame (the ultimate snack for carb-loving feminists), Coco Chanel, the night I had with the tall student from Finland in Marseille in 1988, Eric Cantona, for making me laugh at how teeny-tiny the Mona Lisa is when I finally saw it hanging in the Louvre, Agnes Jaoui, brie and fresh baguettes, their farmer’s markets, Air, Champagne and for being so utterly rude to tourists (they always deserve it).

Spinny out.


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