Believe it or not lady, I’m not after your man

I’ve just spent the afternoon in the company of one of ‘those women’.

One of those women who is petrified that the lone spinster is about to pounce on her man.

Terrified that somehow the only single woman in a large group of people has only one thing on her mind.

Getting her claws into her middle-aged, balding boyfriend.

It’s utterly tiresome.

No eye-contact.

Only furtive looks.

Paying lip service to niceness.

While glaring at me when she thought I wasn’t looking.

This woman displayed such profound insecurity in front of me I wanted to take her to one side and ask her, ‘If you’re that frightened you might lose your man to any woman who happens to wander into his eyeline, are you sure this relationship is a good one?’

She ignored me while her partner asked about my job.

When there was a break in the conversation she moved around the table to sit on his lap.


She’s 49.

Divorced. About to marry for the second time.

And threatened.

The only time she looked at me with something other than evil intent was when I mentioned I was flying 6000 miles away in less than 24 hours time.




As I went to leave her turned and said, ‘Good luck with your second marriage’.

I meant it too.

Spinny out.


2 Comments on “Believe it or not lady, I’m not after your man”

  1. Rouge Vino says:

    Not sure who I feel more sorry for – him or her – but definitely not you – you have it licked girl!

  2. My dog sits on me when she wants me to play with her. I guess that’s how you show who’s boss?

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