Ladies, if you’re going to have the surgery, at least bond over it.

There was a heated debate about women in the workplace at the Cambridge Union last week.

This is basically ‘posh arguing’ for those of  you who don’t know, but it made the headlines in the UK because the winner was Katie Price, aka Jordan (pictured right), a once topless model, turned reality TV brand, celebrity divorcee, fashion designer, ‘author’ and proud owner of breast implants, Botox, fillers, hair extensions and tombstone teeth.

One of her opponents was whiny British columnist, Liz Jones (above left), an ex editor of UK Marie Claire, divorced, often bitter and self-loathing, who has recently documented her face-lift in painstaking detail, and continues to talk about it as often as the (anonymous) married man she now lusts after.

There’s a cracking example of how whiny Liz can be in the article: “Young, beautiful women and handsome men with pink cheeks kept introducing themselves. If only my parents had had an ambition for me other than to make it to adulthood without being run over, I could have come here and glided through life. I’d have made lifelong contacts, been given a leg-up rather than having to scrabble at the bottom of the pile.”

She was the editor of Marie Claire at a time when it was relevant, and now gets paid hundreds of thousands of pounds a year to write her weekly poor-me bleat in a national newspaper. “Scrabble at the bottom of the pile?” Her glass is always half-empty and it’s utterly tiresome. It’s that scrabble that got her where she is today…but I digress.

According to her column this week, before the debate she approached Miss Price and as an ice-breaker “told her I was glad there was someone in the room who’d had more plastic surgery than me, but she didn’t laugh.”

“I hope you’re not going to write anything negative,” Miss Price is said to have replied.

What made me sigh over this exchange is that Ms Jones used the currency of her cosmetic surgery to try to bond with Katie but who was clearly having none of it, despite being a vocal champion of having a bit of ‘work’ done.

You could argue that Liz was taking a swipe but if you see her face, you know this can’t be right. I think she was trying to find common ground (and was probably a little star-struck), but Katie felt she was being attacked.

It amazes me (having suffered through agonising spinal surgery) that anyone would put themselves under the knife for kicks or a smoother brow. To then not even be able to bond over it seems a spectacular waste of time and painkilling drugs.

But then female solidarity lost its way a long long time ago. Forget Erica Jong’s ‘Post-Feminism’, we are now in Post Post Feminism (Post Squared Feminism, if you will). Ever since botox replaced Tupperware, then Ann Summers as the ultimate girl’s party, it’s every woman for herself.

Post Squared is a feminists nightmare. In a nutshell, it’s two surgically enhanced woman bitching to each other at the Cambridge Union.

Katie Price was hailed as a role model at the debate because she’s a former topless model who became a millionaire. Liz Jones is an ex editor of Marie Claire, who by her own admission (like Katie), also pulled herself up by her boot-straps, but oddly was reviled by the mostly female students for being part of the media.

What? Getting your tits out in public is fine. Editing a respected magazine isn’t?

We seem to be living through possibly the worst chapter of feminism since the movement began. There was a time when women were able to co-exist, and yes, actually support each other.

Now it’s the women who have become the mysogynists. So ha! Feminism was right on one score: who needs men? Women don’t…they’re more than able to bully the hell out of each other by themselves, thank you very much. Oh, and also self-harm in the pursuit of ‘beauty’.

So ladies, if you must resort to the knife to fix what is inside, can you at least find a way to treat each other with respect.

Unless you do, we really are a lost cause.

Spinny out.

*For another interesting blog on the current state of feminism go to lefteyerighteye


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