What men want. A drool story.

You only need to look at this photo of Woody Harrelson at a recent Lakers game to understand what makes men tick. Heather Locklear is yawning, the bloke next to her is probably thinking, ‘Wow, what’s this old lady doing court-side?”and Woody’s thinking…well, he’s probably not thinking. He’s drooling. The chick in her knickers – guaranteed – is thinking something negative about her body, and has no idea of the power her youth wields. But she will…in about 20 years when it’s too late to take advantage of it. And there endeth the lesson.

Spinny out.



One Comment on “What men want. A drool story.”

  1. What I want to know is, why is there a woman in her underwear in the middle of the court?

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