Finding Martin: where’s Nora Ephron when you need her?

There was a delightful story in the papers over the weekend. Or maybe it was a desperate sign of the times? You can decide that for yourself, but for me the ‘Finding Martin’ Facebook campaign was part-romance, part-post New Year’s hangover, and partly a story that just about sums up how difficult it’s become for women to find a man these days.

The story goes that 33-year-old British PR girl Julia Cross had a romantic ‘encounter’ with a mysterious man called Martin, who she’d met on the beach on Ibiza last September. It was at the end of the night, he was wearing a hat covered in glo-sticks, they kissed. It couldn’t have been more gooey and super if it had been scripted by Nora Ephron.

Martin O’Kane, a software developer from south London, had apparently tried to contact Julia but she’d written down the wrong number, and was now sitting at home some months later (a lonely Christmas approaching) wondering ‘what if?’

So her mighty morphin power friends did the decent thing and created a Facebook page to track him down.

And track him down they did.

In the Nora Ephron version they are reunited and live happily together ever after, eating their sauces on the side and over-analysing Casablanca.

In the stark reality of the 2012 version, Julia was left slightly red-faced to discover that Martin now has a girlfriend – or rather, he’d just started seeing an ex, (who is somewhat miffed at this world-wide campaign to hook Martin up).

You have to admire Julia and her wiley bunch of cohorts but there was always an air of inevitability about the possibilities of the handsome man in the glo-stick hat turning out to be a bit of a chancer.

I wish he had been ready to step up and make Julia’s dreams come true – I really do – and I would hate for Julia to be seen as sad (of course the comments section in the paper are rife with myriad versions of “he’s had a lucky escape, she sounds desperate!”).

All her friends did was create a home-made version of And yes, maybe it’s desperate but let’s face it, finding someone you have an intimate connection with these days is nigh on impossible. It can make a woman desperate (except we’re not supposed to admit that).

Julia is now 33 – my advice to her would be to number one, make sure she knows her phone number, and then avoid any man whose head glows in the dark. He’ll only turn out to be a nuclear waste of time.

And you know what, deep down, I think she knew that…otherwise those digits would have been spot on.

Spinny out.


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