Coming up in 2012: fucked off, frazzled and feisty (that’s us)

I’m at my mum’s house, on a remote Spanish island, with the kind of internet connection that would have wowed the masses in ’92 but is less than useless in 2012.

I can barely download a page, let alone surf the net, use Skype, work at my normal pace or watch my usual shows. It’s utterly frustrating.

Refreshed, I intended to kick off this year with a flurry of posts but my last two lengthy bon mots disappeared after a power cut, followed by a giant Spinny *facepalm* for two hours.

The good news is that I have blogs stacking up like incoming flights at LAX.

But I’m still most eager to tell you about the big plans in store for Hollywood Spinster this year, including the launch of ‘The Spinsterviews’, a new podcast interview series from yours truly, and an e-book.

Single, childless/free (whatever rings your bell) women ‘of a certain age’ are spreading like a beautiful strain of herpes – and we are being challenged in a way that would make even hardened feminists quake in their Toms. I want to investigate all those issues with my journalist head screwed firmly on, and also continue to intimately – and humorously – reveal what’s it like to be part of this new and slightly fucked off, frazzled and feisty demographic.

So watch this space.

Painful though these first two weeks might be, I think 2012 could end up being a fine vintage.

Spinny out.


One Comment on “Coming up in 2012: fucked off, frazzled and feisty (that’s us)”

  1. It’s hard to hear violins when you start your post with “a remote Spanish island,” but I’ll try my best. It all sounds great, I’m excited.

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