A handful of nuts

Prepare for the annual slew of magazine features telling you how to lose weight, or ‘shed those extra pounds’ in the New Year. Here are some timeless nuggets of advice, I guarantee you will be reading in ten days time.

It’s a New Year, and a NEW YOU!

Don’t use the lift, take the stairs. It’s great exercise and you’ll tone your calf muscles. (Because we all need toned calf muscles)

Get off the bus early and walk to the office, or your house. (Just don’t get robbed on those dark wintry nights)

Ditch the chocolates and crisps and exchange for a handful of nuts or fruit. (You won’t notice the difference  – promise)

Prepare your meals in advance – that way you can control calories. (Because we all have the time for that)

Write down everything you eat. Your food diary will shame you into eating less. (Or make you want to eat more)

Sign up for a new exercise or dance class. Why not try Zumba – everyone’s doing it! (Are they really?)

Every time you read one of these ‘top tips’ I want you to eat a cake.

Spinny out.


One Comment on “A handful of nuts”

  1. I’m reaching for a burrito as I type…

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