Out of practice: the awkward hug

I saw my ex boyfriend recently. We hung out, caught up with news, glared at each other, traded insults, that kind of thing – but as I went to leave he gave me a hug.

Have you ever gone so long without a hug that you forget how to do it, or how it feels?

I sort of awkwardly stood there at a strange sideways angle, with my arms around him. I was tense and alarmed at how it felt to have two arms (that weren’t mine) touching my body. In every way, it was a weird sensation.

Worse, it reminded me of what I was missing.

Everyone needs hugs but if you don’t have a partner or kids, you don’t get very many real ones.

A girlfriend of mine who has been single for a while told me she recently hugged a potential date and ended up at an almost 45 degree angle, pushing away from him so that only their arms were entwined.

“I didn’t want him to feel my belly!” she exclaimed.

But why not? Touching all the bits – squishy, firm or otherwise, is part of the fun of really letting go.

It’s clear that hugs need practice.

But finding the hugger, or the huggee, now that’s a different story.

Spinny out.


4 Comments on “Out of practice: the awkward hug”

  1. I hug my dog ALL THE TIME. It’s the best. Find a dog to hug. But a real dog. Not a Chihuahua or another mean, stupid little dog. It’s the best therapy and I owe my dog my mental health at the moment.

  2. They are. And it’s because they can make you laugh or feel happiness or tenderness just by being there and they ask for nothing in return.

    I used to laugh and criticize people that spoiled their pets, but now that I have one, I understand. My dog deserves everything she gets and more. It’s nothing compared to what she gives to me.

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