Tis the season to be childfree

I’m reading a lot of articles about how Christmas magnifies a woman’s yearning for children.

Specifically, how pathetic they feel as they watch families celebrate this joyous time of year.

Examining their distress when people ask them about their children, only to be forced into admitting they don’t have any.

For some reason, Christmas is the one time of year I’m unusually relieved not to have kids.

It seems to be very expensive, exhausting and stressful.

But I’m an old hand at this kind of festive swerve.

I will design my Christmas Day so that I will be with friends who are like me. Childless. Childfree.

I will be with people who love to celebrate (unlike my mother for instance), and eat, drink and be merry.

I will be grateful that I have friends to celebrate with because right now, they are my strength, my back-bone.

There’s no point getting maudlin because a small person isn’t around to open a gift on a day created mostly by advertising agencies.

The day I keenly felt my childless status was during the height of summer, at a friend’s BBQ and pool party, where the other guests kept asking me which one of the kids in the pool was mine.

The assumption that I had to be a mother was over-whelming and I left early.

I suggest you plan accordingly.

If you are the aunt, the friend or the spare part, put yourself in a situation where you are with others like you.

Make your own rules at Christmas.

And let the parents deal with the kids.

It doesn’t have to hurt.

Spinny out.


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