Kirsten Dunst, probably wonst (find a man to have children with)

“I’m scared I won’t find a man to have children with”, says Kirsten Dunst in a new interview.

Chances are she won’t.

She’s only 30, so she’s a couple of rungs below panic stations but…it’s not looking good.

Here are some stats on marriage (yes, the traditional route but they’re still pretty telling I think):

According to the Pew Research Centre, a full 44% of Millennials (those born in the late-70s to 90s) and 43% of Gen X’ers think that marriage is becoming obsolete.

And in 1997, only 29% of Generation X’ers were married, compared with 1960, when more than half of those aged 18 to 29 had already tied the knot.

(Figures cribbed from Kate Bolick’s Atlantic article – thanks for the number crunching Kate, although us living it, don’t care much about the sums).

So Kirsten, no you probably won’t find a man unless you work really hard at finding one – you know, as hard as you work on your career – and then you’ll have to make a few sacrifices.

You’re financially independent so that’s something, successful in your work, and you seem healthy. So that’s two out of three, which is more than most these days.

Good luck with the rest of the equation.

Spinny out


3 Comments on “Kirsten Dunst, probably wonst (find a man to have children with)”

  1. Your stats regard marriage. But Kirsten Dunst wants kids. Marriage isn’t a pre-requisite for having a happy family. 2007 census says 40% of unmarried American households include children. Stay positive!

  2. I get the distinction (and have amended the copy), nevertheless, the stats reflect a trend towards commitment, or lack of it (and kids are a commitment). One doesn’t preclude another but it does point to a change in generation desire. Kirsten says she wants to ‘settle down’, unfortunately those age appropriate dudes don’t want to for a myriad of reasons. There’s the rub. If she’s looking for a dad and commitment to a family, she’s got her work cut out. As I may have said before, I don’t much care for the maths but we all know how hard it is to find the holy grail of a man who wants the same.

    I am positive – positive, I won’t be having biological kids, so I’m just looking out for my younger sisters! 🙂

  3. Kirsten Dunst is very beautiful and great artist.

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