I am woman, hear me ROAR. (And then blog about it)

Here’s an anecdote I never dreamed of sharing pre Spinny…

Last night there was a widespread power cut, as high winds plunged the west side of LA into darkness.

After a film screening I found myself driving home in sheer terror as cars recklessly sped across junctions, around corners and across multiple lanes unhindered by traffic lights, or any of the normal rules of the road.

It was chaos. Dark, scary chaos.

At one point a heavy branch broke free, and crashed onto my car roof on Ocean Park. I actually screamed.

I was probably extra jittery because I’d just started my period, and had that jelly-belly nausea that always seems to take me by surprise EVERY MONTH.

My apartment was also pitch black but before I could get things straight – find a torch or candles – I knew I had to change my tampon. You know those times – when you just know it has to be NOW.

And so I did. By the light of my Blackberry.

I changed my tampon bathed in the light of a smartphone.

Memory and anatomy helped but that little white glow made all the difference.


I am woman, hear me ROAR. (And then blog about it.)

Spinny (like the power) out.


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