Oh grow up! Tell me your boy/man stories

I told a story in my blog a few months ago about two guys I saw sitting together at a table in Starbucks.

They were both in their mid to late thirties, wearing their hipster jeans, comic book/cartoon/slogan t-shirts, and sporting sneakers and scruffy hair. They were also both playing video games; sharing a table but both engrossed in killing prostitutes/gangsters/aliens.

They were two men who hadn’t grown up. It was all fist pumps, ‘Duuuude’ and Muppet nods to each other over table as they wasted a perfectly good afternoon bonding like they were back in fifth grade.

I stared at them for far too long, my mind whirring. “Why don’t boys want to be men any more?”

I’m not saying all men are like this, or that you can’t have an afternoon off to hang with your friends but it’s this breed of man who is making it all but impossible for a certain generation of women to have families.

This picture on the right is of Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson from the spectacular 1945 movie, Brief Encounter.

Amazingly, Trevor is only 32-years-old in this photograph but he looks like a real man.

No wonder Mad Men is so popular.

The reason I bring this up again is because this week I’ve heard worrisome tales from three girlfriends focused on the childish behaviour recently displayed by their menfolk. (Two of whom are fathers.)

It clearly helped them to talk about it, so I would like you to share you tales of boy/man woes.

Get it off your heaving bosom and tell me stories of past and present partners, who either cannot, or will not grow up.

Did they book a golfing holiday to Ibiza just after you had a baby?

Did they break up with you via text?

Were they more concerned with making friends on Twitter than making sure you were ok?

That kind of thing. Let’s hear it.

In the meantime, I’m off to swoon over a very charming Trevor Howard in Brief Encounter again. *sighs*

Spinny out.


2 Comments on “Oh grow up! Tell me your boy/man stories”

  1. My ex broke up with me by unfriending me on Facebook. How’s that for respect? I also dated a Hollywood editor in his 40s who was a hardcore Laker fan and had stuffed Laker teddy bears on his couch. When we were going to consumate (fuck) he got a cramp and couldn’t continue. He then went to the living room, leaving me on the bed naked, and continued watching the game while holding a bear.

    As a side note…In many movies Cary Grant was very childish.

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