That Khan be the reason?

Cricketer and politician Imran Khan has been talking about his divorce from Jemima Goldsmith in his new autobiography.

In a new book on his rise to political power, Mr Khan writes how politics and family life failed to mix after he married Miss Goldsmith in 1995 when he was 43 and she was 21, writes a certain newspaper.

I suppose it could have been that but it could also be the 22 year age gap.
My last three relationships were with younger men – not out of some rabid cougar planning, it’s just the way the cards fell.
And from this hard-won perspective, I feel very strongly that the age gap – the biggest was eight years – contributed to those relationships not lasting.
When I mention this to people, they always argue the point – “Age doesn’t matter!” – but I would argue that big age gaps are the scourge of relationships.
Think of it in terms of Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing with the Stars. The professionals and celebrities have to work very hard dance in sync with each other. They are joined at the hip.
Relationships are the same. To quote the Spice Girls, ‘two become one’. If you haven’t got the same points of reference, or are not in step with your goals and ambitions, your relationship (and dance) is screwed.
Terrible analogy I know (it’s Saturday night and I’m on the Cab Sauv) but you get the point.
These are the rules:
Sleep with a young man
Marry a guy your own age
Take the older man’s money.
Just saying 🙂
Spinny out.

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