What constitutes a date in LA?

Tell me, because I have no idea.

In the UK, a guy asks you out. You go out.

It’s a date.

He buys the drinks/dinner.

You maybe kiss at the end of the night.

You go on another date.

Repeat approximately six times and lo! A relationship is born.

There’s no dating other people. No weird grey area.

You date that one person, and it either goes the distance or it doesn’t.

Here, a date is anything. Or nothing.

Heck, I could be on a date right now and not know it.

A friend of mine – another Brit – met a guy to talk about business this week. A mid-morning coffee.

More networking than anything else.

He thought it was a date.

She was baffled.

So was I.

How is that a date?

It’s like the guy who asked me out to dinner to talk about getting publicity for his movie.

That’s NOT a date.

That’s a chancer getting information for free.

This wishy-washy dating structure is a wonderful get-out clause but at the same time, it also means that no-one ever has to commit to anything, or anyone.

Oh look, there’s a guy walking his dog down the street. We just had eye contact.

Was that a date?

Someone brushed my arm in Trader Joe’s. Was that a date?

I tripped over an old sofa on the sidewalk.

Was that a date?

I’m confused.

Tell me, what IS a date?

Spinny out.


2 Comments on “What constitutes a date in LA?”

  1. He pays. End of story. But…you have to be careful. I’ve been tricked into a date by the guy insisting to pay.

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