Meeting Charlize Theron

I just introduced Charlize Theron to the phrase ‘spinster panic’, and she said she was going to steal it as she continued on her press rounds for Young Adult.

I’m spreading the word kids.

(Note to self: Get working on the Spinny book).

But bloody hell. I have a serious girl crush.

She’s beautiful.



Funny too!

And she said I was funny, so we kind of had a love-in.

I’m the worst journalist in the world.

I don’t care.

I like making people laugh.

She called me a bitch.


Spinny out.

Go and see Young Adult. I’ve got a feeling you might just love it.


3 Comments on “Meeting Charlize Theron”

  1. Love her talent. Found her portrayal of serial killer Wuornos incredible. Was totally jealous when she linked up with Stuart Townsend.

    • She’s been single for two years now. She’s very unlike any actress I’ve interviewed. Didn’t have a clue what she was wearing (they always promote some label or another), and really didn’t care. I loved that she laughed so much.

  2. Rouge Vino says:

    Didn’t she witness her Mom stabbing or shooting her father for being an abuser when she was a tot – always a good set up for being a toughy!

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