Dancing with the gays

I recently interviewed a gorgeous female celebrity who is now famously single.

She talked about how hard it was to find a good man in LA (shouldn’t we just tape that conversation and then press play when we meet each other – we can then hear it in stereo surround sound).

So I was hanging with some friends in Hollywood last night at the Eveleigh, and this very same lady walked in with a group of friends. To the trained eye (and years in the media/entertainment biz) it was easy to see that all her male friends were gay.

I remember a specific point during my thirties in London spending all my time with my gay friends and lovely though they are, you will NOT find a straight man when you are blanketed by gays.

Gay men are safe. They are funny and they love you but they are the ultimate defence system against the overtures of a straight male.

She was having a lovely time, as was I with my girls, but I realised that while we all move in packs for safety, that may be one of the reasons that we’re still single.

So I say, “Ditch the gays, girlfriend.”

At least, for some of the time.

(Is this my most Carrie post to date?)

Spinny out.


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