James Cameron said an interesting thing today…

(Not often you get to post that as your headline).

I attended a screening of 17 minutes of Titanic 3D footage, over at Fox Studios earlier today, and afterwards James Cameron did a little Q&A.

One thing that stood out was this quote, where he talked about his darkest days on the set of Titanic, just before its release. It was being panned on a daily basis by Variety, being called a $200m clunker with headlines reading, ‘A sinking ship’, that kind of thing. He recalled:

So there was just this really dark period and I had a razor blade that I taped to the screen of my AVID where I was cutting, because I was one of the three editors and above it, a little note that said, ‘Use this in case the film sucks.’ It was just a way of reminding myself that the only way out of this was to make a good movie. And in a way that pressure served us well because it made us less compromising.

What I learned from this was:

No-one has an easy ride. Not even the successful people.

Never give up.

Ignore the critics.

Do your best.

And then do better.

Spinny out.

PS: The footage was phenomenal. I’m no fan of 3D but he’s the master of the medium. The movie is set to be a smash hit all over again.


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