A festive penis

I’m sorry but I can’t go an ENTIRE YEAR without sex.

That would be ridickulous *howls with laughter at terrible pun*

So I’m on the hunt for a festive penis.

To be clear, I’m talking about a real one that’s attached to a man, and not simply powered by a couple of AA’s.

And by festive, I don’t mean it needs to wear a Santa hat or recite the entire Christmas Story script.

But it does need to be available for Christmas cheer, good times and be well versed in the art of giving.

(Although a Santa hat would be a bonus.)

More on this later.

Spinny out.







2 Comments on “A festive penis”

  1. I have one from previous years. I see him as one of those fake Christmas trees you have to assemble.

  2. Rouge Vino says:

    Perhaps – Basically I want to be screwed! Instead. You never know how that might work for you.

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