Ten things I saw couples do today.

All behaviours were noted in different couples on my travels around LA today.

1. Tried to kiss her but she pulled away.

2. Held hands while waiting to cross the road.

3. Poked him gently in the belly.

4. Told her she was ‘super weird’. (She laughed)

5. Stopped in front of me to kiss so that I almost walked into them.

6. Ate each other’s food order.

7. Ignored each other over lunch (different couple from above).

8. Showed him a funny text on her iPhone. He didn’t react.

9. Got annoyed when she took too long to get up from table.

10. Made their dog beg for a biscuit.

I don’t know if that’s interesting but thought you’d like to know how the world is turning in couple-land today.

Spinny out.




6 Comments on “Ten things I saw couples do today.”

  1. Glad you didn’t witness any beatings or rapes.

  2. I almost want to delete this post, it’s so non. But I shan’t. In comparison, anything I write after this will be gripping by default.

  3. I liked it. It made me sad. Very sad.

  4. You mean masochist? You wrote it!

  5. Hahahaha you made me laugh. It was worth it just for that!

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