Lisa Rinna: Put it away love

Lisa Rinna, you’re 48, and yes you look fabulous.

But you’re 48.

Stop tweeting bikini pictures.

It smacks of desperation and also, YOU’RE NOT A TEENAGER.


2 Comments on “Lisa Rinna: Put it away love”

  1. amy says:

    I agree with the stop tweeting pictures of yourself that is indeed needy at ANY age.
    You seem to be an “ageist”. If we can accept overindulgent teenagers obsessed with self…what the hell, why not a more mature fit woman of later years? Think about it.

    • Spinny says:

      You might accept overindulgent teenagers obsessed with self but I don’t – it’s a terrifying trend that’s leading us up a vacuous (and dangerous) cul-de-sac. I’m absolutely the opposite of ageist but it’s what we do with our age that counts; why would a woman at nearly 50 want to behave as if she was 15? Are we only measured by our looks? No, we are not. The beauty of getting older is that we are no longer beholden to the constructs of youth. Set the bar higher than standing in front of a mirror in your knickers going, ‘Heeeeey, don’t I look amazing!’ Boring. Yes, you do look amazing but please, put your cellphone away. Let’s at least try to promote a self-worth that doesn’t come from yet another bikini selfie but from sharing love, wisdom and life experience.

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