“It’s not you”, says Sara Eckel in The New York Times.

I liked this article in the New York Times about relationships.

It’s not ground-breaking but it says a few things I haven’t heard for a while in a different way.

What do you think?



8 Comments on ““It’s not you”, says Sara Eckel in The New York Times.”

  1. I agree but there just aren’t enough of those good guys for all of us. We should have female cage fighting or bake offs to see who gets the guy.

  2. Hahahaha let’s organise the Good Guy Bake-Off Olympics!

  3. What do I think? I think the moment you leave the U.S. you’ll meet someone in the U.S.(maybe even in the airport!) and you’ll be continents apart but will be forced to grow the acquaintance slowly and tend it like a lovely garden, at least until you come back here or he can go there. Then once you’re spending time together and meeting each others tribe you decide you actually like his brother or his cousin a teensy bit more than you like him and he’ll see that damn, your friend Natacha is really fine… and so it goes. Jaded you say? Moi? Non. Like the author of the article, I prefer to think of it as being realistic. Sigh. ;/

  4. I have to say, I was disappointed when the author revealed she had a man. The whole time she was speaking to me, as one of my kind, and then BOOM! She dropped the bomb that she wasn’t really one of us. Bitch.

    • I had that same sense of deflation. It’s a bit like standing around with all the smokers and telling them I understand their addiction because I smoked for ten years before I gave it up. Suddenly you hear the cocking of guns. Some gulfs you just can’t breach…or shouldn’t attempt.

      • I think maybe we should give her credit for finding a partner and yes, I admit, there was a sense of ‘oh, so you’re not really one of us’, I think there’s merit in what she says.

        Clearly, if I ever meet her though, I’ll probably steal her lipstick.

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