To everyone who isn’t a spinster and reads this blog


In caps. That’s how big a thank you it is.

Spinny out.


Five Ways to Cope When Everything Goes Wrong

1. Drink and take drugs.


**Kind of.

2. Laugh your pants off. You’re a woman who is coming into her own just as the opposite sex are starting to ignore you. What else can you do but laugh at this cruel joke?

3. Change your identity. Become a man, they have it easier in life.

4. Get in the kitchen. It’s therapeutic! Bake small pies and throw them at attractive younger women.

5. Exercise…your right to be as obnoxious as possible. Seriously, being rude to strangers is a wonderful tension reliever.

I hope this helps.

Spinny out.


*or am I?

**clearly not

Spinster Dog: Making the best of things

This dog MUST be a spinster.


Modern men. Oh dear.

It’s 2011 and this is what men look like.

In this picture: Andrej Pejic & Rick ‘Zombie Boy’ Genest.

I rest my case.

Spinny out.

You know you’re a true Hollywood Spinster when…

…a short stack isn’t breakfast but your agent.

Reservoir Hobbits

Love this photo-shoot in this month’s Empire magazine, celebrating ten years since the first Lord of the Rings movie was unleashed on the global shire.

The four actors here, who all played hobbits, look like mini Reservoir Dogs. Cute!

Check out a short video from the shoot here.

Bumping into love

So last night I tuned into a few minutes of Kara Dioguardi’s True Hollywood Story.

Ok, I watched it all.

Three quarters of the way through she told a story about being very successful at 36 but still single. She talked about coming to terms with all the good things in her life and accepting that she might not find a partner.

Then she goes on holiday to a rental house in Maine, gets asked out by the building contractor working on the house next door (after arguing with him) and they end up married.






How do you just bump into THAT GUY and not even have to think about it?

Aaarrgggghhh it’s so frustrating.

Why some and not others?

About six or seven years ago when I was in that same age bracket as Kara, an aunt told me to go travelling to find love. Both her grand-daughters had met their husbands while travelling.

I’ve travelled all over Europe, America and to parts of Asia.

Still single.

I must have met thousands of people since moving to the States.

Still single.

Have looked for love.

Still single.

Have waited for it to come to me while I worked on other things.

Still single.

I’m running out of ideas.

It’s no good saying, I’m ok with the situation as it is because I’m not.

Yes, I can look after myself and am happy with my job. I write for a living, and lately new opportunities have been opening up to me. I’m very grateful. I love that I get to experience everything I have because of what I do. It’s exciting and I can do it well.

But I really want to meet someone, and I don’t think it’s going to happen in LA.

*books ticket to Maine*

I’m ready to bump.

Spinny out.