Getting out of my headspace

I took a few days off from Spinny, Twitter and Facebook.

I wasn’t in a good space (as you may have gleaned from my updates), and didn’t want to analyze or commentate any further, while I sorted some things out.

Sometimes it’s good to not be inside your head for a while. I do a lot of thinking and frankly, I wonder where it’s got me?

I used to believe that I was the pithiest thing since sliced bread/CD walkmans/Gameboys/bluetooth/Gaga (pick your era), but now I just wish my brain would stop whirring for a while.

I’d quite like to be one of those annoying, boisterous, unaware types who bowl through life without a care in the world.

So I left the laptop at home, ignored Facebook and Twitter, turned my back on this alter ego and spent time with friends.

It did me the world of good but what I discovered during those three days also gave me food for thought.

Oh dear…

TBC tomorrow.



One Comment on “Getting out of my headspace”

  1. Leslie says:

    How the hell did I find you? Easy, but don’t baffle with the bullshit, just sit quietly by yourself and sink into the deep dark imagination you have. It’s the safest place because all thought, all vision, all things just get soaked up by the black inky void you become. Enjoy, breath deeply and let it go….. and stop thinking about the cyber network that you are so addicted. Happy frolicking amongst friends. 🙂

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