When M meets the MIL. Awkward!

I know she’s Madonna and therefore can do what she likes, when she likes and to who she likes but…dating toyboys really does come with a heavy price tag.

She’s now 53 and her latest boyfriend is 24. And while I commend her youthful attitude, even I, a mere stripling at 43, can’t imagine dating a kid that young.

She’s obviously not looking for anything long term (fair enough) but what the hell do they talk about?

And not only are they generations apart, they’re also from different countries. So there’s a cultural divide as well as generational one. Tough waters to navigate.

I get that older, powerful people see their partners as status symbols (and I’d say the same for a man so don’t get on that high horse) but I reckon the one big difference with the older woman/younger man scenario is meeting the mother-in-law.

An older man has a better chance of charming his jailbait girlfriend’s mother with his masculinity. A mother is more likely to accept her young daughter’s choice because that’s how humans are programmed.

But the mother of Brahim Zaibat is eight years YOUNGER than Madge.

How’s that conversation going to roll?

Because you know as women that she’ll be sitting there, looking at Madonna, seething. Wondering, ‘What the hell are doing with my son?’ (shagging him senseless, probably).

Women (and mothers) are very territorial. No doubt Madonna will sweeten the path with gifts and international super-stardom but come on, that meeting is going to be awkward. No amount of money can tip the balance here.

Also Madge, find a MAN not a BOY.

I don’t get it. Well I get part of it. The sex. But at 53, how has she not managed to mature a little in her relationships?

I find it most odd. My last three relationships have been with younger men. I literally couldn’t get an older man to date me if I tried. And believe me, I tried.

Relationships with younger men go nowhere – at least they didn’t in my experience.

But I’m not Madonna. You think she’d have her pick of eligible older men.

So can I be there when M meets the MIL. Pretty please.

To see them make small talk over tea and biscuits. *silence, as Like A Virgin comes on the radio*

I worry that the only option left for older women are basically boys in their mid-twenties, who don’t know their arse from their elbow. I’m not interested and I don’t get why she is either.

What am I missing here?

Spinny out.


One Comment on “When M meets the MIL. Awkward!”

  1. Rouge Vino says:

    Maybe she just has to be ‘in charge’ – control freak that she most obviously is – anyway buying babies is truly her style isn’t it!

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