Screw you Stanger. I love my curly hair.

Really, Patti Stanger, ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ TV harridan, you think women should straighten their hair to get a man?

I love my curly hair. It’s sexy and gorgeous.

Do us all a favour, and bugger off.

Spinny out.


4 Comments on “Screw you Stanger. I love my curly hair.”

  1. The point is that in dating, guys don’t judge you as a person, they judge you as a “look.” That doesn’t come until later.

  2. Almost every woman I meet with straight hair, wishes it was curly. At least, that’s what they tell me.
    I straighten my hair occasionally but it looks wrong on my head – even when it’s styled professionally.
    Can’t imagine how I’ve managed to date ANYONE with such an unmanageable mane! 🙂

  3. I wish I had curly hair. My sister has curly hair but she gets that Yuko shit done and now she looks like Pocahontas.

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