Jennifer Aniston’s got a BOYFRIEND.

It’s with a heavy heart that I’m forced to announce that Jennifer Aniston may have to lose her position as “Spinster Gold”, now that she’s dating old wosshisface Theroux.

Beard or no beard, I have a feeling that this one’s a keeper, and that there may be a baby on the way soon.

I’m not privy to any information but my spindar is on full alert, and I fancy that all this nesting is leading in one direction.

Good for her. I hope she’s very happy because you know how much I love Jen.

But here’s the thing…who’s going to take her place as “Celebrity Spinster Number One?”

Jane Austen is dead.

I’m not famous.

Condaleeza Rice wasn’t funny enough on 30 Rock (that’s a euphemism for ‘she was part of that lot who started the war’.)

Taylor Swift is too young.

Madonna is too botoxed.

And Stephen Fry is a man.

Maybe it’s Kim Cattrall’s turn to step up to the plate? She was, after all, a former “Spinster of the Week”.

I read that the Sex & The City ladies have been shoved aside to make room for the prequel girls. Kim’s Samantha will be played by Blake Lively, who is currently dating Leonardo di Caprio. Maybe being promoted to “Celebrity Spinster Number One” will cheer her up?

Or not.

Thoughts please.

Spinny out.


6 Comments on “Jennifer Aniston’s got a BOYFRIEND.”

  1. Delayna says:

    What about Kristen Chenoweth? I adore her! Also, I love Jen Aniston. She’s amazing. She’s the female equivalent of George Clooney. Love it!

  2. Winona Ryder is making a come back. Also Maureen Dowd. She’s a bit of a scary spinter though. Drew Barrymore if you catch her at the right time.

  3. “And Stephen Fry is a man.”

    Oh my god. Are you sure?

  4. All good suggestions but for some reason (Heathers?), I like the idea of Winona Ryder. She’s got an edge to her. Will investigate further and post my conclusions.

  5. Ashly says:

    To me, one can’t be a spinster if she’s been married at least once before (even if it didn’t work out). Since Jennifer Aniston has been married before, she’s not a spinster in my eyes.

  6. Jada says:

    Jen Aniston can’t be considered a spinster. She was married to brad Pitt for five years. Once a woman gets married (even if the marriage ends in divorce), she loses her title as a spinster.

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