The death of the word, ‘spinster’?

I found this article from the Guardian in 2005 announcing the death of the word ‘spinster’.

The writer signs off by saying it will never be ‘sassy or cool’.


She clearly never hung out with the crazy kids over at Hollywood Spinster.

We sure know how to party.

*sips tea, checks to see if plants need watering*

Spinny out.


3 Comments on “The death of the word, ‘spinster’?”

  1. First laugh of the day. But that’s only because I haven’t tripped any coworkers today. This spinster drinks espresso and tosses latest dead plant into garbage can. You’ve inspired me to write a Russ Meyeresque screenplay called Attack of the Spinsters.

  2. Hahaha maybe we should pool our resources and take over the world!!! *throws cupcake at small child*

  3. OMG! In the script, the Spinsters have to battle an evil clan of Bimbots that operate out of cupcake bakeries and Pinkberries!

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