Eats like a horse, lies like a politician

I read an article this morning about celebrity women who talk about their diet habits. It made a good point – that basically, they lie to us.

It’s always the skinniest who say that they eat like a horse, or stuff their face with chocolate and pasta.

I don’t know why they do it. Is it to make us feel ok about the fact that we eat like that in real life?

Are they trying to convince themselves that’s what they really eat?

Or do they think it’ll make us like them more?

Gordon Ramsay said recently that Victoria Beckham ‘eats like a horse’. We know that’s a lie because if she did, she wouldn’t look like a string of spaghetti (sorry VB, if likening you to a foodstuff is offensive).

A friend of mine saw Jennifer Aniston having dinner with John Mayer (remember him?) a few years ago. She ate a plain green salad, and then had one bite of his chocolate brownie. Nom nom nom, eh?

Now, we all know that she looks great but she clearly doesn’t eat much at all. And another friend of mine was in a restaurant recently where Victoria Beckham was dining. She ordered a plate of steamed vegetables. That was all she ate.

I once interviewed a pop duo over lunch. They declined dessert but when I ordered one for myself, one of the girls decided to join me and have a piece of cheesecake.

As it arrived, so did her manager who went nuts at her for eating it. He literally screamed at her in front of the entire restaurant. The whole thing was supremely embarrassing but it gave me a good insight into how these things work.

I know from experience as well that when I don’t eat – or was at my lowest weight in my twenties – I was living on Diet Coke and cigarettes. Maybe I ate once a day. But I was around 115lbs, looked amazing and loved it when people noticed my weight loss. I’m 20lbs heavier now. Healthier too.

But I love my food. Or should I say, my inner horse loves my food.

What I would like is to hear what these famous ladies really eat.

Because you don’t eat ‘like a horse’.

Unless that horse is My Little Pony.


4 Comments on “Eats like a horse, lies like a politician”

  1. Well, happy and well-adjusted horses graze all day.

  2. In the UK, that particular expression means you eat a lot. Does it translate to here?

  3. Yes, it’s the same.

  4. steph says:

    I eat more than any girl I know and although I try and pick healthy food I definitely have more than the recommended amount of chips etc. I think it’s more your activity levels that determine how good or bad you look.

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