Hey Planbreaker! This is for you.

NEVER cancel on the Spinny.

And certainly not on a holiday weekend.

Because, if you cancel me late on a Friday or Saturday night, chances are, I’ll spend the evening alone.

For the smug marrieds, the flakes and the thoughtless fuckwits that don’t seem to understand the basic principles of planning ahead, here’s why: it’s so that I won’t spend the long weekend – that’s THREE WHOLE DAYS – by myself.

It’s genius, right?

Making plans means I can socialise, relax after a tough week, converse with something other than my inner dialogue or the cat, and not feel like such a loser.

This weekend, I feel like a loser.

Why? Because Flaky Smugington-Fuckwit cancelled me, BOTH Friday and Saturday nights.

And you know what, finding replacement plans, isn’t easy.

Especially not on a loooooooong weekend that needs filling with STUFF TO DO.

Many of my circle are busy with their new boyfriends, trips away and BFF’s.

That’s why I made sure to fill my diary in advance, right?

And then YOU cancel.

And I end up feeling so lonely and depressed that I write this blog.

My weekend is ruined, plan-breaker.

So don’t do it again.

If you do, you’re off the list.

Spinny out.


2 Comments on “Hey Planbreaker! This is for you.”

  1. tialynelle says:

    All I can say, “Thank you.”

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