The saddest bride in the world?

Hello fellow(ess) Spinsters,

And a special hello to @tialynelle  (She tweeted that she looked forward to my blogs, so here’s a personal shout out).

So…have you seen the photographs from the wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco and Princess Charlene (!), and his new bride today? It’s the other big European wedding this year.

If ever there was a reason not to get married it’s this set of depressing shots.

She looks so unhappy.

They BOTH appear horribly uncomfortable.

And her eyes are brimming with sadness.

I simply cannot fathom it.

There were reports in the press earlier this week that Charlene had her passport confiscated at the border, while trying to leave the country on a one-way ticket. Is that even legal?

Apparently, she was upset at reports that her ‘dashing’ Prince had fathered another so-called love-child (that’s a misnomer if ever there was one, surely?).

Her dress is gorgeous, her hair and make-up is immaculate, her soul is crying.

I may not be married – or divorced – and I may be 42, but I can hand on heart say that today I feel very happy to be single.

*round of applause from the gathered masses*

Marc Maron said a funny thing on his WTF podcast the other day (during an interview with Amy Poehler), that older people should date ‘age-appropriate’. And then he went on to say (I’m paraphrasing here but you’ll get the gist), ‘Then what do you do? Sit there, look at each other and say, “Well we fucked that up!”‘

Ok, so I may never have kids or the big white wedding (in no particular order), and yes I’m over 40 and still looking for the right guy, but I haven’t compromised, or settled.

Poor Charlene. I mean, I just want to give that girl a hug.

She’s now one of the richest women in the world but I wonder if that will ever be anywhere near enough?


2 Comments on “The saddest bride in the world?”

  1. I haven’t been following story, but why did she get married? Talk about a runaway bride’s plans thwarted.

    This made me laugh and made me feel sooooooo much better. “… sit there and look at each other and say, well we fucked that up!” It’s so easy to fuck things up.

  2. It all sounds very sinister. I genuinely feel sorry for a woman called Charlene.

    Marc Maron’s show gets better and better. His Amy Poehler interview was another revelation. That quote made me laugh out loud too.

    Humans should get bonuses for fucking things up. Then at least we’d feel like we achieved something.

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