Dying your hair blonde is NOT an achievement.

Do you like yourself?

Yourself now?

Your younger self?

Would you bully a memory?

This article made my blood boil. It’s written by a Vicky Ward, a journalist *chokes* and it ran today in a British tabloid newspaper.

Ms Ward is 41-years-old, and I think might be an intelligent woman but it’s hard to tell under the vapid coat of stupidity she’s wearing, coupled with a strange belief that because she’s now blonde, has white teeth and stands up straight, she’s a better person.

But what is Ms Ward proud of exactly?

The fact that she’s successfully morphed into a generic reality TV star? (Maybe she’s after her own show?)

In the article, she spends a lot of time pulling apart her younger self. I don’t know why but she seems to dislike herself intensely. My concern is how proud she is of her shallow and vapid transformation.

Excuse me while I pull a classic Carrie Bradshaw move but it makes me wonder: just what is going on in women’s heads these days? Why is being shallow, something to aspire to? I don’t get it.

Do women really want to go back to the days where they were ornamental, or worked until they were married off? (When work wasn’t even work but a mere hobby).

Last night, on the flight to LA back from New York, I watched a handful of TEDWomen Talks on my laptop. One woman, an engineer, was talking about how she was using robot technology to educate children, and another, was about a mother and daughter who run a medical clinic in Somalia. Now, they can be rightly proud of themselves.

Dying your hair blonde is NOT an achievement.

Buying a pretty dress is NOT an achievement.

Writing articles like this is NOT an achievement.

I’m not saying don’t look after yourselves, stay slim and well-groomed but don’t hold those attributes up as the pinnacle of self-worth, success and celebration.

The outside is just part of who we are, it is not the whole.

If she’s finally comfortable in her own skin, then great. But tell me Vicky, what next? Yes, you’re a ‘dazzling blonde’ but show me a real achievement.

Because this is nice, but it’s not the be all and end all.

You can do more. You can do better.

We all can.


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