We’ve all been there, love.

This is a picture of Elen Rivas, whose ex-partner – a famous British footballer – announced very publicly this week that he is now engaged to an equally famous British TV presenter.

Pictures of the happy couple on holiday in Vegas have been splashed all over the newspapers.

Elen says she’s fine but look at her, poor thing, sitting outside a supermarket, smoking a cigarette and working her way through a family-size bar of chocolate.

I’m not judging because I’ve been there. Who hasn’t?

She’s clearly not over the relationship.

She’s wondering whether she’ll ever find someone else.

And worse, her pain is compounded by the very public nature of her ex’s new found love.

She’s desperate, she’s lonely – and she’s consoling herself the way us women do.

I bet she went home that night, poured herself a very large glass of Pinot Grigio, and ordered a take-away.

The only thing to say with any certainty is that this feeling won’t last.

But while you’re nursing raw wounds, you truly wonder if the sun will ever shine again.

It will, Elen, it will.

* Click on the link. The contrast to the ‘happy couple’ is quite astounding.


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