The Hunger Hurdle

I wanted to share with you an email I just sent to MumFriend (who I’ve mentioned here before), who wanted to know how I lost my weight.

She was about to start one of those insane maple syrup/sugar water diets. She has kids, she works, she can’t do that. She’s not Beyonce, who is surrounded by minders 24/7, so that if she faints, she has someone to break her fall. This is what I wrote…

Dear MumFriend,

Let’s talk about ‘The Hunger Hurdle’ 🙂

For women like you and me, who have no stop button, the ‘The Hunger Hurdle’ (it’s a feature in the making!) is our biggest challenge.

My way to deal with it was to not have food in the house – this coincided nicely with me not having money to do a massive food shop every week (economy drive), but obviously you can’t do that because of the kids. Around 8/9/10 at night I’d walk into the kitchen and try to find things to eat. Open the fridge door and stare blankly at the contents. Thankfully, pesto, ketchup and Branston pickle don’t hit the spot so after a while I stopped going into the kitchen.

Boring but true, I’d drink more water or make a cup of tea. I really did cut out alcohol for a couple of months too. Most of that again was not having as much money to socialise, so my economy drive worked to my advantage. But again, that doesn’t apply to you, so you have to find a way to not put more into your mouth than you have to.

It IS psychological – you need willpower and you also need to choose your treats. One thing I didn’t cut out was my cup of coffee with ‘half and half’ – they have a brilliant dairy here, which is half milk and half cream. Amazing in coffee. I didn’t cut out dairy completely either but I bought cottage cheese instead of brie or cheddar, and once every couple of weeks some mozzarella. I never bought snacks. If I did it was a rare treat.

To be really honest, I insanely upped my exercise regime. Last week I did two 20 min runs, one three hour bike ride, one gym visit, an hour hike up the hills and as much walking as I could. That’s a LOT of damn exercise.

I honestly didn’t know how I’d shift the weight otherwise. But there’s nothing like seeing your fat bloated face in a Facebook picture to get your shit together.

Also, having my skinny jeans stare mournfully at me hanging from the bedroom door was a big incentive. I literally couldn’t get a leg into the them six months ago, and once I realised I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel on my figure, having that daily visual really helped. I’m not quite ready to be nailed to the shelf just yet!

If you can find the way to get over your ‘Hunger Hurdle’, (Copyright, me, 2011), you’ll start shifting the pounds. Portion size is key as well though. Don’t go back for a seconds or thirds at the BBQ next weekend. Pick out a modestly sized plate of food and leave it at that.

Kate Moss once said, ‘Nothing tastes as good as thin looks’. Well that coke-addled be-arch was WRONG.

I love my food. LOVE LOVE LOVE. So I didn’t give it up. I just picked my treats, controlled portions, kept the cupboards empty of snacks and ran/stumbled my way around the park.

I make lots of curries now. I LOVE curry. And hey guess what Ms Moss? – who still smokes fyi, so how healthy is that? – I lost 19lbs in just under five months.

And you can too!

Spinny out.


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