Three steps to enlightened Spinsterhood

I’m laying down the law.

My brand new (fake) organization, SA (Spinster’s Anonymous), has made the following three declarations.

I intend to follow them to the letter.*

They have been carefully crafted to make sure that I no longer behave like a bitter, chubby slut. You would do well to follow them too.


1. The next penis you see will belong to your husband.

2. You will not eat bread or pasta more than twice a week.

3. Refrain from rolling eyes when a friend announces a pregnancy/wedding/engagement.

New rules will be added when I see fit.

Spinny out.



2 Comments on “Three steps to enlightened Spinsterhood”

  1. Natacha Von Braun says:

    I don’t now about this. You’re taking the fun out of life, especially with no. 3.

  2. I always think it’s good to set yourself goals that you’re bound to fail. So you can remember how human you are. *laughs til knitted head falls off*

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