I’m calling time on this bullshit – part two.

I saw an interesting article on HuffPo today. (I wonder if the author got paid?)

Apparently, what women over 50 fear most is poverty.

I called it as soon as I saw the headline.

We should all be very worried. Do we really control our own lives? Our financial destiny?

Because it’s all very well saying, ‘Put as much as you can into your 401k’, or ‘Tighten your belt’ but if employers aren’t paying up, or paying much less, I don’t see how that’s possible.

Read the article by Barbara Grufferman here.

I joke with my single, female friends that we’re all going to end up living together in the same house when we’re old and grey.

Ooh, it could be a sit-com. The Golden Girls meets The Real World!

Ha ha ha. Let’s all have a big laugh about how our pets might get along.

But the way things are going, it might just happen.


2 Comments on “I’m calling time on this bullshit – part two.”

  1. I just came across your blog this minute! Thanks for referencing my HuffPost article, and guess what? I was on WPIX Channel 11 Morning Show in NYC this morning (June 8th) talking about this article (I clearly hit a nerve) and I did, in fact, propose that women (and men, too) consider the Golden Girls lifestyle. We all have to start thinking out side the box on this issue. Just read the headlines this week based on the new gov’t report about jobs. Not looking too promising.

    Keep in touch . . .

  2. Hi Barbara, it was lovely of you to get in touch. I always worry when I post or refer to other people’s work if it’s ok but I know from experience that when people quote me, I’m generally fine with it, as long as I get proper credit. I’m now following you on Twitter! I think you really hit a nerve with the HuffPo article. I talked about it with all my friends, and of course, mentioned it here. It resonated like a church bell. I’ve just mentioned your website on my twitter feed as I think my followers will find it very interesting. Thanks again for posting, I really appreciate it!

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