Carb Face – an update

Carb Face had an audition this morning. According to her it was a complete waste of time.

As I drove along Highland, I told her not to be down-hearted.

But she’s a struggling actress; misery and self-flagellation is her default setting, and I’m not a miracle worker.

Then – fortuitously – I spied a motley crew filming an episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ‘outside MILK on Beverly Boulevard.

Reality TV and cupcakes! Carb Face’s Christmas had come early!

One young chap was holding a boom like he was standing in the middle of an aggressive river trying to catch salmon…and had been there for three days with no break. I’ve never seen a more miserable example of Generation Y (did you do this to me, parents?).

I immediately called Carb Face, and told her what I’d seen. I even sent her a crappy photo taken hastily with my BlackBerry at the traffic lights.

She emailed back with great urgency. ‘That’s not the Housewives!’ Like I was remiss for not be able to tell one generic, anorexic blonde apart from another.

But guess what? She’s Carb Face, so she hopped into her car went down there to have a look for herself.

Filming had ended by the time she arrived but she sent me a photo of her holding a GIANT chocolate chip cookie. It was positioned next to her round, smiling face which was doing a ‘pretend bite’ pose.

I love that girl.

Just like the ‘Housewives’ and their food, you can’t keep her down.


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