Jen-watch 2011

There’s a good reason why Jennifer Aniston is Hollywood Spinster’s muse.

One of them is this picture. If you needed proof that she is nothing less than a Spinster Goddess, look no further.

The underwear says, “I can do the hell what I like, when I like.”

The body says, “Who needs kids?”

While the banana winks, “Who needs a man?”

Comments on the ‘news’ site I found this picture on, ranged from “She’s smoking hot” to “She looks desperate/sad”.

She doesn’t look very sad or desperate to me. She looks like a woman who knows her worth. And one that marches to the beat of her own drum.

I bet the men behind the camera were standing to attention that day too.

All hail the Aniston!


3 Comments on “Jen-watch 2011”

  1. Rouge Vino says:

    You absolutely sure that’s her and not a lookilike. why would she do this in a photo?

  2. It’s from her new movie, “Horrible Bosses”.

  3. […] was a big day for me, as you know how much I love Jen. If you don’t read this, and this. Homework is […]

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